Welcome! This site is dedicated to peace education through the lens of art education.

These materials have been developed for use with the art exhibition Instructions For Peace, but can also be used on their own. The site is a work in progress, and more resources will be added as they become available. Most resources listed can be tailored to a variety of ages and classroom types.


Why should we talk about peace? Violence is often glorified – in art, in film, and on TV, but this is not reality. Violence is destructive, destabilizing, and expensive. Peace, on the other hand, is generative, stable, and harmonious. The purpose of these teaching materials is to help you understand that you can create peace and inspire you to do so.

Some guiding questions that were used to build these materials and are addressed by them are:

What does peace mean to you? What does it look like?

How have the artists in the exhibition Instructions For Peace envisioned peace?

How can you create peace?

We hope that you will walk away understanding that…

Small actions can create change.

Individuals and communities can work to create peace.

There are many ways of creating peace.


Site creator Katharine W. was an art education graduate student at the University of Minnesota when she created the site and is passionate about education as a means to peace. Please use the form below to contact me with ideas for site additions (such as lesson plans) or tell/show me how you used material from the site. I may post your ideas.

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